Our Mission

One Step to C.H.A.N.G.E.

Dr. Jame’s mission with The Well Path is to create a program for simple and sustainable change. The Well Path empowers women with the steps necessary to achieve a vital and resilient body through small but powerful strategies. Once a woman is vital and resilient her body will take care of itself, and she can focus on the things that bring her joy and satisfaction.

The Approach

One of the most powerful ways to find success and joy in your journey is to feel part of a community that supports each other through the ups and downs.

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Souper Star Readers of the Well Path

Any Woman Can Be Her Best

 “Dr. Heskett believes, as do I, that vibrant health is achieved by making natural, holistic changes. By following The Well Path, any woman can be her best, lose weight and grow younger—and have a great time doing it.”

Jane Seymour, Actress, Artist and Author of The Wave www.janeseymour.com/

A Whole-Body Solution

“In The Well Path, Dr. Heskett offers not another diet or workout plan but a real, integrative, whole-body solution that supports and empowers women to be the healthiest, most vital versions of themselves they can be.”

Christie Brinkley, New York Times Best Selling Author of Timeless Beauty www.christiebrinkleyauthenticskincare.com

Made Me Feel Stronger

“The program has made me feel stronger and more aware of my hunger and emotions. I have discovered tools to help myself make a firm foundation of health that’s about more than just my weight and will help me move forward to continue to my goal of being at my most fit self.”


Enjoying The Benefits of Exercise

“I was stuck: in old eating habits, old emotional reactions and in non exercise mode. Now I am vibrant, non reactive and enjoy the benefits of exercise. Thank you Dr. Jame!”


Made Big Strides

“Because of The Well Path Program, I feel I was able to make some big strides on being more courageous, getting out of some ruts, and challenging myself to try something new. I’m focusing on this as my successes in the program!”


Take the Steps to Change

The Well Path will take you from sickness to health, fat to fit, and old to young—in just sixty days.