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PRP and Microneedling: How it’s Become the Go-To Solution for Rejuvenating Aging Skin

Mar 03, 2022

Microneedling may have recently increased in popularity, but it’s been used for superficial acne scarring and pigmentation since the early 1900s. Platelet-rich plasma (PRP) has also been used extensively in the past to speed up healing in various injuries. 

Both treatments stimulate collagen production in the skin. However, when combined, they provide superior results. PRP not only stimulates collagen, but it also uses the healing ability of various growth factors found in the blood. 

Dr. Jamé Heskett, our expert at The Wellpath, combines microneedling with PRP, as various studies and her own experience working with patients has shown that the combination provides superior results compared with either treatment on their own. 

Why combine microneedling with PRP

Microneedling involves the use of small needles to prick the skin and cause the body’s natural healing defense to kick in. As a result, the body produces more collagen in the dermis, tightening the skin. Alone, the use of microneedling can rejuvenate your skin. 

PRP is a procedure in which Dr. Heskett draws a small sample of your blood, separates the beneficial growth factors from the rest of your blood, and injects the solution back into your skin. 

When professionals pair these two treatments, the results are intensified. 

Recovery for microneedling with PRP

There’s no downtime for microneedling with PRP, but you may experience some redness, irritation, and bruising for 2-3 days as the microtears in your skin heal. While you heal, you’re advised to avoid tanning beds, creams that contain retinol and acids, and unprotected sun exposure. 

The results aren’t immediate. However, you may see some changes within the first week after the treatment, as the body needs time to heal the micro-wounds in your skin and create more collagen. 

Final results are usually visible about three weeks after the treatments. 

Find out if you’re a good candidate for microneedling and PRP

Microneedling with PRP is a great solution for men and women who suffer from mild skin laxity and poor elasticity. In addition, it’s used to treat fine lines, pigmentation issues, and an uneven skin texture.

If the lines are deeper and the skin is suffering from moderate to severe loss in elasticity, all is not lost. There are still noninvasive ways to rejuvenate your appearance. Dr. Heskett may recommend injectables to add plumpness to your face and remove wrinkles. 

Contact us to schedule an appointment, and find out how you can achieve a younger and fresher look without going under the knife. 

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