Ask Your Health and Wellness Questions [March FAQ]

Are you confused about how to boost your health? Wondering what’s the right program to lose weight? Get fit?

Navigating the TONS of information available on the internet is confusing.

To make matters worse, everyone is a self-acclaimed expert.

Who should you listen to? And who has the best advice?

In this new series, I’ll be answering actual readers’ questions to help guide you to a state of balance in your body, called “homeostasis.” When you can reach this state, everything will fall into place.

1.Will The Well Path really change my life?

Yes! You can kiss shame, failure, deprivation and the battle with hunger goodbye  –  forever! I’ll show you how to create a lifestyle that works  –  helps you lose weight, feel great and look younger  –  and that lasts.

2. What is homeostasis?

It’s your body’s natural state of balance, meaning, it doesn’t hold on to excess fat, it won’t age prematurely, and it doesn’t have an excessive amount of inflammation, which damages your cells and causes disease. When you’re in homeostasis, you have plenty of energy, your mood is calm, you handle stress with ease, you sleep well, you crave nutrient full foods, you have a good sex drive and you can concentrate well. It’s when your body is in a state of flow  –  not fight or flight.

3. Why do you focus on circulation?

Good circulation means the blood and lymph are moving in your body. If you want to achieve homeostasis, you need to promote and maintain a vigorous flow. When you stimulate circulation, cells thrive because your body is readily receiving nutrients and oxygen  –  and detoxing, or eliminating fat and cell damage waste.

4. Do you recommend extreme exercise?

No. In fact, I recommend the opposite. Diving head-first into a long, difficult exercise program isn’t a lasting solution. I advise women to get moving, going from inactive to active as much as possible. Doing so will shift your body into fat-burning mode. It’s better to be active for a little bit every day, changing up your exercises as much as possible, than to go overboard with an exercise regime you’ll never maintain.

5. I can’t control my hunger on a diet. Are you going to recommend a diet?

I have a solution that will stop the cycle of deprivation, binging and unsustainable eating. The way to eat over a lifetime involves satiating your body’s natural hunger instinct. Instead of restricting your calories to 1,200 per day, for example, I’ll show you how to eat to fuel your body through nutrient-dense versions of your favorite food that will satisfy your body’s needs, calm excessive hunger, and promote health and wellness. I will also teach you how to separate real from false hunger.

6. How can I get the most nutrition in a day?

I recommend “mixing in” foods packed with nutrition power, like chia, pumpkin, and flax seeds, and almonds, hemp and walnuts. In one serving, you’ll get up to 10g of protein and 129 milligrams of calcium along with healthy hunger-reducing fats and fiber.

Stay tuned to next month’s edition, where we’ll cover more FAQs. Do you have a questions for Dr. Jame? Visit The Well Path today!