Best Fitness Tips — Ever!

There’s no way around it: You’ve got to move your body to stay strong, healthy and fit.

Sure, nutrition has a lot to do with your overall health, but the amount of movement you do in a day and your exercise routine also play a huge role.

But that doesn’t mean you have to chain yourself to the treadmill, or as I like to call it…..the “dreadmill”!

I want you to get off the “treadmill” mindset, you know, the one where you think you have to exercise “X” number of hours per day, “X” number days a week to counteract your calorie intake and meticulously keep track of your calorie burn.

Forget about all that.

Instead, take advantage of these fitness tips that will help you change your mindset to one of embracing a more active lifestyle, and exercising smarter, not harder.

Become aware of inactivity

Do you work a desk job? Sit around all day at school? Have a long commute? These and other factors like watching a lot of TV or looking at your smartphone for hours on end contribute to a very sedentary lifestyle. If you don’t MOVE a lot outside of the gym, even a two-hour long workout won’t count for much. You’ve probably heard the saying, “Sitting is the new smoking.” So many of us have no activity for hours on end, a habit that negatively affects your endocrine, digestive and circulatory systems. The first step is to just become aware of how much you’re in an inactive state.

Go NEAT, or go home!

An interesting phenomenon called “non-exercise aerobic thermogenesis,” or NEAT, can help you quickly see results. It refers to activities that heat up your body. So when your body is in NEAT mode, it’s expending energy and burning calories when you’re not sleeping, eating or exercising. Overall, the more you “move,” the better your metabolism. It gets your circulation moving and helps to get rid of liberated fat. So instead of sitting down to watch TV, stand up, move around, or walk in place. Go out and work in your garden. Take a daily walk. Walk to work or the train if you can, instead of driving. Take the stairs instead of the elevator. Park farther away from the store to increase your steps. These activities combined will start adding up. Now, make a goal. Because you know your inactivity level, make a goal to increase your active hours. If you’re inactive for 15 minutes a day, go for 15 more. Then, each week, bump that number up.

Get a tracker

A pedometer or activity tracker is essential to help you understand your activity level. You will be surprised to know how many “steps” you aren’t taking without it! Once you have an awareness, you will  be able to steadily increase your non-exercise activity.

Work out with a buddy

It’ll make your actual exercise more fun and you’ll be more likely to stick to it! Maybe the two of you will even try something new that will propel your fitness to that level you have always wished to achieve.

Choose fitness activities you enjoy

Don’t get on the treadmill just to burn calories. You won’t be able to sustain this exercise for very long if you hate it. Instead of choosing exercise based on a number, opt for activities that you love to do. Like salsa dancing, rock climbing, hiking, biking, swimming. Try new things and find a new exercise love!

Mix it up

Get the most bang for your exercise minutes by choosing a program that include all of the building blocks of fitness: strength, balance, flexibility, cardiac capacity, and endurance. Hiking is a great option, because it naturally includes all of these components. If you can’t decide on ONE activity to get all of these building blocks in, mix up your exercise throughout the week to hit each one.

These are some of the best fitness tips I can give you.

Exercise and activity should be the cornerstones of your overall health, but it should be a fun, feel-good endeavor that you are motivated to prioritize in your life.

Commit to moving more throughout the day and incorporating more activity into every hour to combat sitting.

Exercise strategically to promote things like strength and endurance, and you’ll be on your way toward CHANGING your life!

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