How to Feel Better  –  Every Single Day

Even though you know most diets don’t work, you keep trying, right?

How about taking a new approach to dieting, losing weight, getting more energy and feeling better? One that works.

In fact, what would you do if you knew that most diets slow down your metabolism?

Would you toss your diet plans in the trash?

Diets not only bring your metabolism to a halt. But they also:

This is not the way to try to feel better!

There is a strategy you can use, however, to boost your energy levels, combat aging and lose weight.

You need to tackle dieting with a radical (albeit simple) new approach.

Instead of restricting food, you will heal the damage in your body (caused by years of dieting) and bring it back to a place of homeostasis.

When your body is balanced (homeostasis), all of your systems will be working together in a state of relaxed flow. Homeostasis is the natural state of your body, and if you have been dieting, your body is not in homeostasis.

In this state, you will achieve the unattainable: You’ll have a wealth of energy, look fabulous, feel younger, and lose weight  –  without the struggle.

These six areas of CHANGE are the key to your transformation  –  and they’re things that the average diet never talks about:

Circulation. A vigorous flow of blood and lymph through the body is a critical part of reaching homeostasis. When you can stimulate your circulatory system, your cells will thrive, your body will get the oxygen and nutrients it needs to get rid of fat, toxins and waste that damage your healthy cells.

Hunger. It’s your body’s natural instinct to satisfy “hunger pangs.” Being hungry is uncomfortable for a reason… you eat and survive. While true hunger is a survival instinct, false hunger is caused by things like anxiety, boredom and sadness. When you learn how to separate true hunger from false pangs, you’ll put an end to overeating.

Activity. Inactivity throws the body into further imbalance. Instead of being in homeostasis, lack of movement affects your fat-burning ability, metabolic rate and circulation. With more movement throughout the day, you’ll increase your non-exercise calorie burn rate and your body will burn more fat during exercise. For every 30 minutes of movement, you get one hour of metabolic benefit.

Nutrition. Counting calories and restricting your diet will also take your body out of homeostasis. When your body is starving, it holds onto fat and your cells don’t get the nutrition it needs to thrive. Giving your body quality nutrition reminds it that it’s safe to release fat, and gives it ample resources to anti-aging and be full of energy.

General Health. Your general health is comprised of the 4 S’s; Stress, Sleep, Social interaction and Stress. When these elements are also in balance, your body will become resilient and thrive..

Exercise. Instead of exercising 24/7 and placing unreasonable demands on your body, learn how to change your mindset from one of burning calories to one of gaining endurance, strength, balance, flexibility and cardiac capacity. You can also maximize the hours you spend “in the gym” or working out by optimizing the fat-for-energy exercise conversion.

The best approach to CHANGE and feeling better involves making small steps every day. Eventually, you’ll realize you’ve arrived in a totally new place. That location you’ve always wanted to get to with dieting and futile exercising, but it never worked.

But by changing your perspective, and focusing on bringing your body into homeostasis, you will move your body into a natural flow that makes weight loss, and energy gain, easy.

It’ll be disease-free and vital, you’ll lose weight and you’ll combat aging.

And after all, that’s what you’ve always wanted out of a diet, right?

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