How to Get Lasting CHANGE

Have you tried it all?

Weight Watchers?



Sure, these programs work for awhile  –  as long as you can conjure up less-than-human willpower!

Or you steer clear of parties.

Or any kind of social event where you’ll be tempted by off-limits treats and cocktails that aren’t on your diet plan.

But once you lose your mojo and fall off the wagon, you’ve got to deal with the shame and desperation over failing at yet ANOTHER diet program.

There’s a reason my clients get lasting CHANGE.

Do you want to know what it is?

Here’s what the program is not:

  • Depriving yourself of food. 
  • Logging an insane number of hours working out. 
  • Missing out on life’s special events because you don’t want to damage your diet.

The weight-loss industry has really missed the mark when it comes to setting people up for success.

As a physician, however, I know what’s absent from the big diets and the fad diets. It’s homeostasis, or bringing the body to its natural state of balance.

Here’s what the program includes:

To learn how to reach homeostasis, reverse aging process, and lose weight – go here.

In homeostasis, your body won’t generate extra fat or inflammation or age prematurely  –  all factors that lead to disease and destruction.

The other key to CHANGE is to take small steps that you can keep doing  –  not just when you’ve met your goal weight, but through the rest of your life. Steps that will help you stay successful, and not only with the number on the scale.

You’ll feel better. You’ll look better. And you’ll be healthy  –  inside and out.

Here’s a quick overview of the steps to sustainable CHANGE:


Maintaining a vigorous flow of blood and lymph optimizes circulation. With a stimulated circulation system, your body’s cells will thrive. Your body will receive the right amounts of nutrients and oxygen to get rid of cell-damage waste and unnecessary fat.


Your natural instinct is to satisfy your hunger. So if you’re hungry, your body will want to feed itself. Your body may confuse hunger for nourishment with false hunger, which is actually hunger to relieve other uncomfortable feelings like boredom or sadness, for instance, and that leads to shame about overeating. Learning how to separate true and false hunger is one of the biggest and, surprisingly simple, keys to success.


When you sit all day, whether it be at a desk or in your car, everything slows and your body gets out of balance and into “rest mode.” There are little things you can do to shift your body into an active state and fat-burning mode.


Deprivation dieting starves your body of the vital nutrients it needs, stimulating persistent hunger and causing your body to hold onto fat cells. Your cells can’t thrive if they are deprived of a diverse and consistent supply of vitamins, minerals, fiber, fat  and fuel. Filling your body with delicious and satisfying food fortifies your body with optimal nutrition to release fat, promote anti-aging and have energy.

General Health.

Activity and nutrition are factors that impact overall health, but so are sleep, stress, sex and social interaction. Find out how to use these factors to put your body into homeostasis and stimulate a steady supply of hormones that combat stress, fatigue, mental distress and aging.


It’s unnecessary to log countless hours in the gym to be fit. Instead of dreading exercise and doing it just for the sake of burning calories, change your mindset to one of having fun and getting stronger.

Once you see how easy CHANGE can be, you’ll wonder why you spent so many years depriving yourself and unnecessarily torturing your body with inefficient exercise.

When your body reaches it natural state of balance, everything else falls into place…..easily.



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