How to Look Good at 40

Forty is indeed the new 30!

But there is still a reality to getting older that you’d probably like to change.

Less energy.

Lines and wrinkles.

Dry skin.

Lots of stress.

Does this sound familiar?

You can CHANGE your approach to aging, and get back your youthful energy and drive. But your body needs to be in balance, or homeostasis.

Trying it all

In desperation for change, you’ve probably tried any or all of these  –  which only serves to further imbalance your body:

  • Overexercising.
  • Exercising but not breaking a sweat.
  • Chronic dieting.
  • Calorie restriction.
  • Jumping on the bandwagon every time a new fad diet arrives on the scene.
  • Taking supplements to lose weight.
  • Juice cleansing or detoxing  –  as much as possible.

These quick fixes lead to nothing but feeling like a failure and increased stress, depression and anxiety. Not to mention they will quickly age you and rob you of your energy.

Aside from the emotional toll it has, your body is also sharing in the effects. You see, your metabolism takes a beating from things like overexercising and chronic dieting.

In addition, your hormonal system is thrown off kilter, which is key to regulating things like your skin’s elasticity, your body weight, and your energy levels.

No wonder what you’ve been doing hasn’t been working!

You CAN bring your body into balance, and I’m going to tell you just how to CHANGE.


I’ve worked with hundreds of women who are just like you.

Their bodies aren’t performing like they used to; they can’t lose weight like they did in their 20s; and they’re ready to stop the madness.

This is the Path they followed to CHANGE:

Circulation is a key component to optimal health. When it’s not working, it stops your body from using stored fat for energy and it keeps fluids trapped  –  just where you don’t want them! Circulation diminishes as we age, and how robust it is over time is directly related to how fast we age. Learning to open up circulation lets your body flush cell damaging waste away, mobilizes fat, and provide cells with more oxygen and nutrients so they can flourish.

Hunger is an instinct that will serve you well; however, in our culture, where food is always plentiful, we’ve confused real hunger (a need for nutrients)  with false hunger (a need to quell uncomfortable physical sensations). In fact, if you’ve been a chronic dieter or you’re a stress eater, you’re probably hypersensitive to any hunger pang. You’ve lost the ability to differentiate true and false hunger, which generally leads to panicked overeating to stop the hunger sensation at any cost. By learning to separate false hunger from true hunger, you can feed your body only when it needs food, thus ending the cycle of failure and shame in the battle with hunger.

Activity is the amount of time you move throughout the day, outside of exercising, sleeping and eating. If you can increase your movement level, you’ll boost your metabolism, put your body into fat-burning mode, improve your circulation AND burn about 400 more calories every day. It’s a no-brainer!

Nutrition is the nutrients you put into your body. Instead of starving your body of the vital nutrients it needs (which all too often happens on restrictive diets and juice fasts),you can nutrify your meals by filling your body with fruit, fat, fiber and fuel (or protein). What’s the payoff? Better gut absorption, less hunger, a balanced hormone system, activated cell repair and an improved metabolism.

General health includes sleep, stress management, sex and social interaction, or the four S’s. These affect your overall health and wellbeing by strengthening your immune system, helping your metabolism flush your body of excess fat, and drives cell repair to counteract aging. Your general health also is what makes you happy.

Exercise  –  you can’t get around it, really. You should love your exercise, though, not dread it. And if you’re doing all of the other steps to CHANGE, you can exercise just three to four times a week and get progressively more fit. Try it with a friend, and challenge yourself to find fun and motivation in  new forms of exercise, like karate, tennis or races!

You can look good in your 40s, in spite of the failures you’ve had in the past.

Get on the path to CHANGE and promote optimal circulation, know when you’re truly hungry, get more active, focus on nutrition, remember general health factors, and exercise.

For more information about CHANGING your life or if you’d like to join our community, contact The Well Path today!