How to look good in your 50s

As a medical professional, wife and mother staring her 50s in the face, and as a woman who has been there-done that with dieting and exercise, I don’t just tell patients what to do.

I’ve lived the journey of frustrating diets that don’t work, exercising with temporary results, and lots of depression, stress and failures.

My story is just like yours.

I’m going to share with you my secret to looking good at 50.

But first, it will help if you understand a little bit more about my journey, and how I found my way toward sanity with a solution that will work for you, too, as you live out the 50s decade.

My story

As a married woman living in NYC with a medical practice and two great kids, I followed the same “sage” advice everyone else did: Eat less, exercise more.

But it didn’t work for me or my patients.

The strategy only proved to be stressful for every woman, which caused many to just gain more weight as the years crept on. They were lacking energy, noticed changes in their skin, and didn’t feel good about themselves  –  inside or out. And, it was not sustainable for more than a few weeks here and there.

As I struggled to find solutions for my patients, my marriage was abruptly falling apart.

My husband and I divorced and entered into a long, drawn-out, ugly divorce and custody battle.

As the stress mounted, I threw myself into my children and work. Relationships? I gave up on them.

And then, as life would have it, I met a great man, who eventually became my husband and stepfather to my children.

We decided to have a child together, and I gave birth to my third child after two miscarriages and a tubal pregnancy. At the age of 42, I was considered a high-risk pregnancy.

My doctor advised me to take it easy. And take it easy I did. I barely moved and ate to my heart’s content. I gained 60 pounds in that pregnancy.

What ensued led me down the path to finding a solution.

After giving birth, I weighed basically the same as I did pre-birth. I was so out of shape, it took considerable effort just to walk up a few steps.

I was so overwhelmed at what it would take to get back into shape, I was immobilized.

What followed was a re-discovery of how the body worked after 40 and an intimate understanding how things like hormones, circulation and movement were so important to getting the body to a state of balance. All of which had been an important part of my practice for so many years, but had never stared me right back from the mirror of my own weight loss experience.

I put these concepts to work in my own life, dropped the weight and got my life back. I continue these steps today. I never stray too far from The Path, because its principles are that simple to get back on track.

Now, instead of feeling lethargic, I have gravity-defying energy. Rather than passively watch the effects of aging take over my skin, it’s bright, clear and supple.

I began incorporating ALL of these steps into my patients’ treatment plans, and they saw incredible results with very little effort. These patients ran the gamut of age ranges, from their early 40s to the 70s.

These steps work for everyone, and they can help you “get your groove back” or “keep your groove going” into and beyond your 50s.

It’ll work for you, too

Here are the secrets to looking great at 50: C.H.A.N.G.E.

Circulation – Get your blood and lymph systems moving to stimulate cells and deliver oxygen and nutrient to them.

Hunger –  Instead of eating ANY time you feel a hunger pang, learn to know when you’re truly hungry, and drop the perpetual snacking and overeating.

Activity – You can burn up to 400 calories a day, just by “moving” more outside of the hours you eat, sleep and exercise.

Nutrition – Make every calorie that you put into your body count. The more nutrition you give your body, the easier it will be to lose weight, balance your hormones, and more!

General health – Factors like social interaction, sex, sleep and stress can either help or hinder your well-being, happiness, weight loss, hormones and susceptibility to disease. When these factors are balanced, you’ll have more energy and counter aging, just to name a few.

Exercise – Instead of dreading exercise, or thinking of it as a necessity, participate in exercise that you think is fun and that you enjoy. Build fitness not just minutes on the dreadmill. Participate in exercise that builds your muscle, stamina and balance, and you’ll notice a big difference.

Don’t dread your 50s. As someone who has found her passion for exercise in hiking and feels the wonderful effects of nutrified meals  –  and more  –  I can tell you that aging doesn’t have to feel bad.

It’s not about dealing with aches and pains and pills to solve them. It’s about living life to its fullest!

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