How to Stop Battling Your Hunger

You need hunger.

It’s a survival instinct.

Without it, you wouldn’t put nutrients in your body that it needs to survive.

But hunger can be your enemy, too.

You see, you can’t overcome hunger.

Go to war with hunger, and you’ll lose  –  every time.

So instead of trying to defeat an undefeatable opponent, you need learn how to lives as friends, not enemies.

Here’s what’s wrong with your hunger 

If only hunger were as simple as it should be: You feel hungry, so you eat to nourish your body. Your body feels nutrified, and the hunger stops.

Unfortunately, that’s not the way it works for many of us.

Your body is constructed in such a way that hunger is king.

When your hunger instinct is triggered, every cell in your body and brain are put on high alert.

And their demand for food can’t be squashed until they get what they want.

Aside from the very strong, powerful DNA, you’re vulnerable to a ton of external triggers like:

  • TV.
  • Signs.
  • TV commercials.
  • Magazines.
  • Pop-up ads.
  • And more.

These remind you at every turn that there’s something at-the-ready in which you can delight.

When we were more primitive beings, we had to eat when there was opportunity. But now, opportunity is everywhere and our primitive instinct has not caught up with modern times.

To add fuel to the fire, you’re also susceptible to other uncomfortable sensations that mimic the feelings of hunger, like stress, fatigue, boredom and sadness.

Give into this mixed signal and you’ll find yourself face-to-face with the inside of your fridge.

What happens when you try to overcome a basic, natural bodily function like hunger is… you’ll always fail.

Who wants to feel like a failure? When everyone else is seemingly able to do it.

The good news is, they’re not successful at it, any more than you have been.

Getting on the road to success

Once you understand HOW hunger works, you’ll realize that you have no chance at depriving yourself of food.

The Well Path will teach you how to sense true hunger, feed your body the foods it needs to satiate this desire, and say no to food that your body doesn’t need or actually want.

Some of the tips and tricks we’ll show you how to do include:

  • Getting sleep. Without sleep, you can’t reset your hunger button. Your body is in fight or flight, and will constantly demand food to fuel the vigilance that sleep deprivation triggers.
  • Feeling the hunger set point. Your set point for hunger is actually pretty low. We’ll show you how to sense this low point, but not to act on it  –  yet. Waiting a few seconds before you feed your hunger gives you a chance to practice awareness, and know when and what you need to eat.
  • Visualizing. Learning to visualize your hunger provides the opportunity to detach emotionally from the feeling. And it gives you time to run through your hunger checklist (which we’ll teach you on The Well Path program).
  • Feeding it the right way. When you identify true hunger, don’t give it garbage. Your body needs good nutrition. We call it “nutrifying” your food choices. Think of nutrient-dense foods like nuts or fruit. Making good choices will fully satiate your body’s needs and calm the hunger instinct, instead of making it angry, causing you to spiral down a staircase of poor food choices.

If only hunger could be mastered through a mind-over-matter approach.

You need to deal with your hunger instinct, but in the right way.

The Well Path can help you conquer bad habits that have left you helpless against hunger, learn to listen to your body, and truly know when you need to feed your body.

How do you deal with hunger?

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