How to Use The Well Path to Power Your Weight Watchers Program


The South Beach diet.

Jenny Craig.

Weight Watchers.

A lot of these diet programs work for people  –  at least for a while.

If you’ve been a fan of the Weight Watchers’ system but interested in adopting The Well Path, you might be wondering, can I do both?

The answer is, Yes!

The Well Path is built on a foundational principle that if something like Weight Watchers works for you, or is working for you right now, keep on truckin’ along!

Is Weight Watchers working for you?

And there are good reasons that Weight Watchers has been a success for many people. The program is built on solid principles like:

  • You can eat almost any food. It doesn’t treat any foods as a no-no, so you can eat some of your favorite foods and still indulge in a few snacks or treats on occasion. Programs that require strict deprivation typically don’t lead to lasting change. With Weight Watchers, all you need to do is calculate your “points” so that you can accommodate a few splurges, while still getting in the healthy stuff.
  • The program educates. Attendance at weekly meetings helps people unlearn bad dietary habits and learn the value of eating vegetables and drinking lots of water, for example.
  • Weight loss is not extreme. Losing 10 pounds in one month, for example, is hard on your body and usually not sustainable for most people. The Weight Watcher’s program puts people on the path to losing 1 pound per week, a fairly reasonable weight-loss goal.

If you’re getting success on the Weight Watchers system, don’t ditch it  –  yet. The good things you’re learning from this program include a better awareness of what good eating habits are and a jumpstart on healthy lifestyle changes.

But keep in mind that you may not be able to sustain the long-term vigilance programs like Weight Watchers requires to count points  –  every time you put food into your mouth.

Getting on the path to long-term change

Take advantage of the momentum you’ve gained on the Weight Watchers’ program.

As you work your way through the tips in The Well Path, you can slowly adopt and incorporate more of its principles.

For example, on The Well Path, you’ll start to make changes like:

  • Batch-cooking yummy nutrient-dense soups.
  • Taking hot-cold showers to stimulate circulation.
  • Logging some form of activity every day. Even if it’s just for a few minutes.
  • Eating to optimize your nutrient intake.
  • Choosing the right pre-bedtime snack.
  • Prepping for success.

Take what you’ve learned on Weight Watchers that provided value, and then use the aspects of The Well path philosophy to sustain and build on your success.

If you have questions about The Well Path or would like to know more about our community, reach out!

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