How to Work Your Fitness Routine Into The Well Path

The good news about your workout routine on The Well Path program is that you really can do any kind of exercise.

I’m all about keeping it simple.

You can choose any type of exercise you want, as long as it meets these two conditions:

You can’t dread it and it can’t lead to failure.

Instead it should be FUN.

And you should be SUCCESSFUL at it.

If you’re not having fun, you won’t stick to it, and you won’t be successful at losing weight or maintaining fitness.

Keep in mind that what you love to do for exercise may change. If you were an avid runner in your 20s, you might find that it just doesn’t fit into your schedule now that you’re in your 40s. Also, be ready to try something new if you start to dread exercising.

So, whether you want to do high-intensity interval training, Crossfit, yoga, zumba, spinning, weight training, walking the treadmill, outdoor walking, barre, running, or any kind of cardio, you can work the activity into the program.

How to build great fitness

You should enjoy exercise, but in order to be successful at it, the activities you perform should meet all of these building blocks of fitness:

  • Balance. Maintain your balance as you age and you’ll decrease the likelihood of falling.
  • Strength. The more muscle you have, the better your metabolism.
  • Cardiac capacity. Your heart is a muscle, so you can strengthen it by increasing your heart rate and then recovering.
  • Flexibility. Improved flexibility makes you stronger, because the more you can stretch the muscles, the better they will contract.
  • Endurance. Push yourself to go a bit farther each week, and you’ll increase your endurance capacity.

There are activities that meet ALL of these building blocks, like hiking or yoga.

But you can mix up your exercise throughout the week to ensure you get all five components, too.

What to avoid

Here’s what you don’t want to do:

Over-exercise, burn yourself out and then quit exercising.

You know what happens when you put your body through this pattern? You’ll signal your body to hold onto fat.

You won’t get close to homeostasis pursuing this path.

That’s because your body needs energy for all of that exercise, so it holds onto fat in order to preserve energy.

Once you can’t keep up the pace any longer, you will promptly gain weight, possibly get injured, and worse, stop exercising altogether.

Here’s how to enjoy your exercise, advance your fitness, and lose weight:

  • Work out a little longer or go farther.
  • Lift heavier weights or hold a yoga position longer.
  • Exercise to the point of mild soreness after weight training. This is a signal that you’re working your muscles.
  • Hold a position while standing on one foot longer than you used to.
  • Go deeper in your stretches.
  • Discover that you can breathe easier when you’re doing cardio and your heart is pumping.
  • Your heart can recover better from exerting yourself or interval workouts.

So go ahead. Hop on your spin bike, put on your Zumba clothes, or get ready for Crossfit. Whatever you do, make sure it’s meeting the fitness building blocks, it’s fun, and it’ll lead to your success.

If you have questions about fitness, contact The Well Path today!