Is Your Eating Style Sabotaging Your Weight Loss?

Do you know what your eating style is?

You should.

Because it could be sabotaging your weight loss.

Not everybody eats or thinks about food in the same way.

By understanding the type of eater you are, you can learn the emotional and psychological elements that are inhibiting weight loss  –  and stopping you from living a healthy, happy life.

The food eliminator

If your eating style means eliminating food, you’re a food eliminator. This type of eater will follow rules like these: I won’t eat…

  • White food.
  • Solid food.
  • No carbs.
  • No fat.
  • No gluten.
  • No fruit.
  • No foods the cavemen didn’t eat.
  • And so on.

While the appeal for this way of eating is strong  –  it creates a clear-cut line for eating guidelines  –  it has its downfalls too.

You see, the problem with this type of approach is that your body will generally lack the vital nutrients it needs.

So, if you’re bulking up on 5,000 nutrient-poor calories per day, your body will still be starving and you’ll feel hungry.

Your body depends on a supply of ALL types of foods  –  carbs, protein, fiber, fat and fruit.

Another downside of this eating style: Limiting your options can lead to boredom and an unsatisfying diet.

You’ll end up viewing the foods on the forbidden list as more tempting, leading you down a spiral of poor food decisions and low nutrient levels.

The out-of-the-box eater

If your diet consists of mostly foods available in a box or package, you’re an out-of-the-box eater.

While these types of low-calorie foods are readily available, it’s easy to binge on them, because they don’t provide your body with the nutrients it needs. Plus these foods are so highly processed that there’s a cornucopia of foreign-factory-made who-knows-what that you are exposing your delicate insides to. To top it off, the fiber content is generally low.

By eating prepackaged foods all day and starving your body of nutrients, you’ll binge-eat at night to compensate.

The meal skipper

If you’re not hungry in the morning, are too busy to eat, or don’t have energy to cook a meal, you’re a meal skipper.

Meal skippers often eat a healthy meal here and there, but because of the erratic pattern of eating, your metabolism will slow down.

That’s because if you don’t feed it regularly, your body will shut down, and go into starvation mode, storing up energy and fat.

The overeater

You know what you should eat and you often eat healthy fats, make a home-cooked meal and eat regular meals; however, you tend to eat too much  –  even of the good stuff.

If you’re an overeater, it’s all about quality and quantity.

So, instead of choosing one healthy fat for your salad, you’ll toss it with olive oil and throw a few nuts on top. Or you make a healthy cookie, but eat all of them. There is some truth that you can get too much of a good thing  –  except veggies. You can never eat too many veggies!

The diet cycler

If you’re attracted to restrictive diets and/or are diet-hopping every other month, you’re a diet cycler.

The problem is, these diets deprive your body of nutrients and food groups, and throw your metabolism and endocrine system into disarray. Plus they are stressful and put you in a constant state of reaction  –  your body reacting to the drastic swings  –  which is a disaster for maintaining homeostais.

As you abandon one diet for another, your body never has the chance to recover  –  and get back into balance.

These restrictive diets also lead to a really big problem: You’ll become consumed with following the rules and focusing on what you can eat, that you’ll eventually rebel against them.

The diet doesn’t work, you feel disappointed and like a failure  –  and then the cycle starts all over again with a new diet.

There’s hope

Can you identify your eating style?

Recognizing your pattern is the first step in stopping the weight-loss sabotage.

The best way to CHANGE your style is to start making mindful choices.

Eat when you’re hungry.

Don’t continue eating once you’re full.

Give your body the nutrients it needs.

Savor every bite of great food that’s nourishing your body.

And form new habits that will lead to a great life, more energy, balanced hormones, and a nutrient-filled body.

For more tips on how to CHANGE your approach to eating so that you’re helping, not hindering, weight loss, visit The Well Path today!