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What you get with your 60-day and beyond plan to get there.

Delicious Quick-To-Make Meal Recipes

You’ll look forward to making these tasty dishes — and they’re designed to make a large batch, so you can freeze some to eat later.

60-Day Detailed Plan

We’ll walk you through every detail, step by step. Simple and effective plan to CHANGE your life for good.

Online Support Community

You’re never alone. Share your ideas with other women on the journey, and learn from them too!

Weekly Online Coaching Sessions

Hear from Dr. Jamé personally, as she’ll help get you through each phase.

Exclusive Book Savings

When you’re ready to dive deep into the book, you can cash in on discount!

Boost Energy Through Holistic Healing

Ditch the meds and let things like food, exercise, sleep and stress management guide you to better health.

Ask Dr. Jame

You get exclusive access to Dr. Jamé through this membership feature.

Ever-Growing Video Library

We are always adding to the video library, so there’s always something new to explore.

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