Make Your Exercise Fun – and You’ll Stick to It

Is your attitude about exercise like most people’s?

It’s like a treadmill.

You can never get off.

You MUST keep the exercise going in order to lose fat, feel younger, get fit.

But that’s not a healthy approach to fitness, despite the fact that most of the country is exercise-crazy, with people pushing their bodies to the limit.

Or they hate exercise so much they treat it as damage control  –  which just makes you hate it more!

The problem with this gung-ho, to-the-max method is that most of us can’t sustain it. Or if you’re  always on damage control, you will never get anywhere.

Yo-yo exercising is just as bad as yo-yo dieting.

It sets you and your body up for failure.

Are you ready to ditch the treadmill approach and get rid of this unsuccessful mindset?

The Well Path’s exercise program is nothing like what you’ve been doing.

Here’s how it works.

  • Step 1. Get out there and move.
  • Step 2. Have fun!

Yep. That’s it.


Here’s WHY it works:

Exercise that’s fun is activity you will WANT to do, and looking forward to doing

Instead of looking at exercise with fear, dread and failure, it’ll shift to something that’s fun to do and that you’re successful at. Imagine what you’ll feel like when you commit to moving your body AND you “win” at it, every day? You’ll be motivated to do it AGAIN tomorrow.

Fitness that includes a variety of exercises is something you’ll want to do again and again!

Instead of doing the same old exercises every day, or repetitive weight-lifting motions over and over again, you can walk, ride a bike, run, hike, jog, swim, play tennis, golf, do yoga –  you get the picture.

You can be social.

If you’re like most women (and men) these days, you live a very busy life. It’s hard enough to squeeze exercise into your daily schedule, let alone time with friends. Or perhaps you’re a social exerciser, and the thought of working out alone instills a huge sense of dread.

When you commit to some form of activity every day, you can choose to do things with a friend or a group, like rock climbing, hiking a trail, or a group exercise class. And then connect over a cup of fresh juice after it’s over!

You’ll hit all the building blocks of wellness.

Strength, balance, flexibility, cardiac capacity and endurance are the foundations of a strong and fit body. The Well Path’s program hits every one of these components and shows you how to slowly build up your fitness level, so you can avoid injury and so that exercise becomes positively reinforcing very quickly.

If you’re ready to ditch the failure that exercise has been for you…

If you’re prepared to give the feeling of dreading exercise the boot…

If you’re intent on creating a fitness lifestyle you can maintain and that gets results….

You’re ready for The Well Path!

It’ll guide you through steps like how to overcome inactivity, how to use NEAT energy, and how to incorporate more movement throughout every day.

What’s your favorite excercise? Share in the comments! 

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