Want to Rev up Your Metabolism? Don’t Diet!

“Dieting” is the worst thing you can do for your metabolism.

If you want to lose weight, please, don’t diet.

If you do, you’ll actually end up weighing more, instead of less.

Here’s why.

How your body works–and you can’t change it

The bottom line is, you just can’t “fight” the way your body was created to work!

Your body wasn’t created to be as skinny as possible.

It was designed to stop you from dying of starvation when there’s a famine.

When you deprive your body of calories, your brain starts getting a ton of hormonal messages that starts a barrage of cravings, hunger and appetite.

You begin to eat whatever you can find so that your body can store fat.

And this fat storage will keep on going, because your body doesn’t have a regulatory system for fat. It simply doesn’t know when it has stored enough fat to have a reserve.

Like the Energizer bunny, It just keeps going.

The fat cells in your body, called “adipocytes” will keep on expand and multiplying.

Diet. Gain fat.

Diet. Gain fat.

Rinse. Repeat….

So you can see that if you diet, you’re working against nature: Forcing your body to multiple its fat, instead of losing fat.

Don’t even think about it!

You shouldn’t even THINK about dieting, either.

It’s so powerful that just by thinking about restricting your food intake, your brain will respond by protecting you  –  and your body will store fat.

You need to also STOP thinking about restricting calories to get skinny. The old adage that the less you eat, the skinnier you’ll be is just not true.

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In my practice, I’ve seen so many women succumb to this truth.

I’ve observed that for every one pound women lose within a month while dieting, they would then gain TWO pounds within one month after going off the diet.

You just can’t fool your body!

Studies back this up. On a 1,100 calorie a day diet for 11 weeks, women were monitored and the results were astonishing:

    • They lost 9 percent total weight.
    • They lost 15 percent of their body fat.
  • They also lost 5 percent of their lean muscle mass.
  • Their resting metabolic rate decreased by 15 percent.

This last point is especially poignant, as it means their ability to convert fat to energy slowed down significantly.

Once the diet ended, their metabolic rate didn’t increase, or go back to normal, which is why people usually gain all the weight back that they lost.

Are you getting the picture by now?

Don’t diet!

It’s just not worth the effects on your body. So let’s recap what dieting does:

  • Thinking about it  –  or doing it  –  shifts your brain into deprivation mode, causing you to eat whatever is within your reach.
  • Low-calorie diets cause you to lose water weight, reduce your muscle, and slow your metabolic rate, which triggers massive and quick weight gain when you stop dieting and eat normally.
  • On these types of diets, your body becomes weak from starving yourself and dehydration. As a result, you become less active and sedentary, creating a vicious cycle, and further slowing down your metabolism.
  • When you starve your body of the nutrients it needs, it responds by increasing your appetite and causing junk-food cravings. Because you’re weak from hunger, you can’t fight them.

All in all, diet is a lose-lose situation.

Don’t do it.

What to do instead

You need to reprogram your thinking about eating.

The Well Path helps you get off the dieting crazy-train and onto a journey of health and wellness that you can sustain for the rest of your life.

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