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Medical Treatments

Medical treatments offered by The Wellpath by Dr. Jamé Heskett help you achieve ultimate wellness. These services can help you feel your best through vaginal revitalization, IV therapy, and scalp treatments for thinning hair. Call one of the offices in Midtown, Manhattan in New York City, and  Westchester to set up a consultation and find out what medical treatments can benefit you or use the online tool to schedule.


What medical treatments support vaginal health?

As a woman gets older, hormonal changes can make vaginal health suffer. You may experience more dryness, skin laxity, mild urinary incontinence, and decreased sensation.

Dr. Heskett offers ThermiVa®, a non-invasive radiofrequency treatment that improves the look and function of your vaginal tissue. During a ThermiVa treatment, a small, handheld device glides in and around your vaginal region, emitting heat energy. The result is tighter tissue, greater collagen production, reduced urinary incontinence, improved lubrication, and greater orgasmic function.

ThermiVa treatments are pain-free and nonsurgical. 

How does IV therapy support wellness?

Though you may try to follow a healthy eating plan, it’s likely you could use a little help to get the proper amount of nutrients needed for optimal energy and tissue health. 

IV therapy involves delivering a combination of fluids, vitamins, minerals, and other nutrients directly into your veins for optimal absorption. IV therapy is superior to taking these nutrients and fluids orally, as it delivers them right to your bloodstream. 

IV therapy can boost your energy, improve the appearance of your hair and skin, enhance athletic recovery, improve your mood, and reduce chronic pain.

What medical treatments help with hair loss?

Treatments are available for thinning hair and the autoimmune condition, alopecia, in which your hair falls out in coin-shaped chunks.

Dr. Heskett uses PRP, or platelet-rich plasma, to revitalize dormant hair follicles so you produce more volume and length to your scalp. A vial or two of your blood is drawn from your arm and prepared in a centrifuge. The high speed concentrates the platelets, which have growth factors and healing properties.

When injected strategically into your scalp, hair follicles that had stopped producing hair start again, so you achieve a fuller head of hair.

Other treatments for hair loss include dietary and supplement recommendations and, possibly, topical compounds that stimulate hair growth.

How do medical treatments support overall wellness?

Dr. Heskett has a comprehensive wellness evaluation and plan that combines the latest science-based technologies, nutritional support, and an integrative medicine approach to rejuvenate your skin and your hair, contour and tone your body, and promote general wellness, optimal health, and healing.

This wellness program empowers you with anti-aging and weight management strategies. You achieve a vital and resilient body that takes care of itself, so you can focus on things that bring you joy and satisfaction. Don’t be held back by illness, poor energy, hormone fluctuations, or poor self-esteem.

Call the Wellpath today to benefit from the many medical treatments that promote optimal health. You may also use the online tool to schedule a consultation. 

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