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Skin Care

Your skin is your largest organ. Take care of it to look and feel your best. The Wellpath by Dr. Jamé Heskett offers numerous effective skin care procedures to tighten, brighten, and revamp aging, blemished, and unevenly toned skin. Call one of the offices in Midtown, Manhattan in New York City and  Westchester, to set up a skincare consultation, or use the online tool to schedule.


How do facials promote good skin care?

A facial is like a tune-up for your skin. It cleanses, removes impurities, and nourishes your skin to create a glowing complexion and resolution of many skin complaints. 

The Wellpath offers customized facials that are created just for you using high-quality ingredients. 

You also benefit from Geneo™, a total-body and face exfoliation therapy that makes your skin glow from the inside out. This facial uses patented oxygenated technology and active ingredients to promote your skin’s natural internal oxygen levels. This oxygen is then transported to the surface of your skin, priming you for maximum results during the exfoliation and serum applications that follow.

Achieve brighter, rejuvenated skin that you can see immediately. The results are long-lasting, and there’s no downtime required. 

What laser treatments promote good skin care?

Although at-home care is important to beautiful skin, you sometimes need laser interventions to really revamp skin complaints. Laser treatments include:

  • FotoFacialRF for hyperpigmentation, sun damage, acne scarring, and visible blood vessels
  • Fractional technology for mild-to-moderate wrinkling and skin discoloration 
  • truSculpt® 3D for total body skin tightening
  • Thermi® 250 for collagen development

Dr. Heskett evaluates your skin complaints to determine which of these treatments are best for you. She has a lot of experience with all of them and knows how to apply the right ones, so you don’t waste time or money on ineffective treatments. 

What other services are integral to my skin care?

Dr. Heskett may also recommend microneedling, with or without PRP, to promote your skin’s natural healing. This procedure pokes dozens of micro holes in the surface of your skin to stimulate your production of collagen and elastin, compounds intrinsic to skin health and resilience. You get tighter, more evenly toned skin without visible wrinkles and lines. 

Adding PRP, or platelet-rich plasma, after microneedling enhances the effects of the procedure. PRP is a derivative of your own blood that contains a concentration of growth and healing factors. When slathered on microneedled skin, it seeps into the microchannels to accelerate revitalization. 

Treatments with the Subnovii® Plasma Pen also help your skin produce more collagen and elastin to strengthen and tighten sagging skin. The device glides over your skin to stimulate cells deep below the surface.

Call the Wellpath today for a consultation, or use the online tool to learn how you can benefit from Dr. Heskett’s expertise.

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